The Monster that Challenged the World…or the caterpillar that mildly scared a little girl in a lab.

September has been here for a couple of days and I’ve been putting in my horror movie time.
Yesterday I got to partake in the horror that is The Monster That Challenged The World.  TMTCTW is about an earthquake or blut that opens a rift in the Salton Sea and hatches some prehistoric snail eggs…that emerge and grow in to 12ft monsters that end up eating people in and around the water.  The Navy and some scientist run around and try to destroy all the creatures and their eggs.  The cast is pretty decent for this sort of picture but I’m really only in it for the monster and that’s where I wish this movie had done a bit more with.  First of all the creature is constantly being referred to as a mollusk or snail but whenever a creature is shown on screen it’s clearly a giant caterpillar.  A rad angry giant caterpillar but still a giant caterpillar.  I’ve heard that the creature actually has a shell attached to it but I guess I must have missed all those camera angles because I never saw it.  Also the creature needed a bit more face time for my tastes.  Only really two good fullbody creature scenes I loved.  The one in the boat where they pop one caterpillar dead in his eyeball and the end sequence where one gets loose in the lab and all sorts of comedy ensue.  TMTCTW didn’t challenge my world but I’d totally watch it again…(if only to try to get a glimpse of any shells) and I’ll probably buy it if I ever see it on a rack someplace.


One response to “The Monster that Challenged the World…or the caterpillar that mildly scared a little girl in a lab.

  1. Ha! I actually got this movie the other week (I’m trying to collect all the MGM Midnite Movie dvd’s). It was actually on a double-feature dvd with “IT! The Creature From Beyond Space”.

    I actually like this movie. I think it would be one of my top 10, but you are right when you say the creature didn’t really challenge the world.


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