CURSE OF THE SWAMP……..wait for it……keep waiting…..Zzzzz….CREATURE!

Do you remember how during the making of that one flick, Jaws, they had so many problems with the mechanical shark model they built for the film?  So then they barely show it during the film.  Which ends up working out because, even though they were forced into creating all that creature suspense ,the film is still engaging because of the great characters, camera work, score, and dialog.  And then it goes down as one of the best films in history because of all of it.
Well, CURSE OF THE SWAMP CREATURE (1966 )is kinda like Jaws in that you can really tell during filming it probably had a lot of technical difficulties because.. well..the director decides to display them on screen…throughout the entire movie.
No, seriously, this movie is a hilarious train wreck of bad.  A laughable bazooka fired in your face of everything that is B-movie.
This movie seems to relish in it’s many many film mistakes.  Major problems in sound , plot , acting , music , fight choreography , location , budget, editing, casting , pacing, basic knowledge of sign language, voodoo, and let’s definitely not forget special effects.
You see, like Jaws, a fearsome creature is only hinted at throughout 99% of the picture.  Finally appearing in the last three minutes of the picture the creature is revealed stumbling through a doorway and well…I hope you like ping pong balls and swimcaps.

It’s a movie so bad that it’s contagious.  That’s in no way hyperbole. Example:

The network I was watching it on kept on messing up the title of the movie while it was airing.  Over and over and over again.

I know there’s a whole lot about the film I haven’t talked about and that’s because I really want anyone reading this to go out and experience this film because, in case it wasn’t very clear, I like this film…in fact I think I love this film.  I’ve seen alot of horrid cinema and there is something about this one that I can’t really explain.  So many moments that are absolutely priceless in their absurdity.
I guess what I’m trying to say is if I had the choice between watching JAWS or Curse Of The Swamp Creature, I don’t know which I’d choose.  What is going on?  Why did I write any of this?  I’m not mentally well..Somebody help me.


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