Some Nerdly News

Been catching up on some video games to distract as much as possible.  Me and David have been having a blast with TRINE 2 for a while now but last night we reached Searock Castle and our jaws dropped.  FROZENBYTE deserves a hundred awards for best use of color and light in a video game, hands down.  The entire game is graphically incredible.  I can’t believe the game plays as well as it looks and that it’s so cheap to own.  It’s a shame not many people are buying it so a sequel seems unlikely.  Sigh..

Let’s just put that on the list of under-appreciated fantastic games that I’ll never get to play the sequels too:
-Retro Game Challenge
-Wario Land: Shake It!
-Urban Reign
-Solar Jetman
-Metal Storm
-Graffiti Kingdom
Shame on all of you.  You know who you are.


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