Some of our random halloween decor 2012

Our funky dancing mummy. Hit the button and he does a strange dance to the tune of Thriller. We press the button everyday and copy his dance moves till the tune ends.

Found this incredibly large spooky popcorn bucket at the thrift store this year for like a buck. It holds way too much popcorn. But makes a good ghost protection helmet when you are frightened after watching too many scary movies late at night.

Just found this and I absolutely HAD to buy it. Press the top and a Ghost appears in the jar to scare you but no worries, because he’s stuck in the jar. His name originally was Julian but I’ve named him Ghoulian.

We have two bonemen. Skeleton 1 protects my nerd games from spooks.

skeleton 2 hangs out in the dining area with some pumpkins.

We have a mummy cat candy jar and behind him always grinning brightly is Scarington our friendly glowing Halloween host. He appears on different walls and ceilings throughout the apartment. He’s taken quite a liking to the dining room corner this year but has been seen also in the bedroom during Hammer Horror movie time.


2 responses to “Some of our random halloween decor 2012

  1. love these! very funny and cool


  2. julia guglia? hee hee! 🙂


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