Cheddars Da Cat


Started to sketch and paint this while watching the news yesterday.
Yup…his name is Cheddars, he’s big, and he’s only got one good eye.


So my wonderful beautiful wife decided last week it was a good time to get a new cat and it’s been the complete opposite of easy to get the cats comfortable in the apartment since his arrival.
First I had slowly de-traumatize him from traveling in the car all the way from Fburg and get him used to his new apartment and then I had to carefully introduce him to Domino.  Domino has only recently been showing that she will tolerate and even enjoy Cheddars being around.  So that’s been a relief.  It’s been stressful but now I don’t think I have to worry about them killing each other when I’m not looking.  No, I just have to worry about him accidently killing me trying to get to his food dish during feeding time.  He’s a big boy.



One response to “Cheddars Da Cat

  1. Great memories of good ol’ Cheddars! (aka Big Boy)


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