Sushi Grim Reaper?!


Martha asked me to find some halloween recipes to make this weekend.  I found a few that seem fun but what I was really in the mood for was a GRIM REAPER meal.  But I couldn’t find anything I was looking for on the net so I quickly(stupidly) decided to think up a way to craft an edible Grim Reaper I would actually enjoy eating.  Always wanted to try to make a sushi roll.
I went the sushi paper route because what’s a Grim Reaper without his Cloak? I’ve never worked with Sushi paper before but I read that it sticks to itself with water so that seemed pretty ideal.
For the staff and sickle, I used a pretzle stick and baked provolone cheese…cut to shape.
For the innards I used:
Smoked salmon
basil leaves
For the head I carved up one of those Happy Face fries you can find bags of in the frozen food aisle.  I tried to carve skull teeth and nose but it would have probably read better to just use cut pieces of sushi paper to accentuate the face.  I’ll do that next time for sure.

I made three all together(two were abominations and were quickly fed to a nerd before the camera could film them)




Learned a lot and will make a better version(and take better pictures) next time.









And Yes, I know that sushi technically has rice in it but I’m allergic to foods I don’t feel like eating at the moment.

I found a nifty mummy pizza that we’ll probably make saturday.


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