I think we’re done decorating for Halloween….well, every time I say that my wife finds something new to add so let’s say that I’M done decorating this season.

All the usual suspects from last Halloween are back around the apartment and we’ve found some great new stuff we’ve been excited about this year.

photo (6)

First we’ve got Scarington back again this year with a freshly carved new face(his face burns and fades more and more as the season comes to an end…kinda cool actually) and ready to host more fright flicks.  The best so far has been PARANORMAN.  We caught it a couple of days ago and it’s AMAZING!

We also found this cool pumpkin chalkboard that we’ve been drawing all over everyday.







Pretty sure we are going to start running out of the normal halloween doodles(bats, pumpkins, ghost..etc) and be into full blown Leechman from SwampThing obscurity by October 30th.

Last thing I’ll talk about today is the Mysterious Caller.
photo (7)







Which is this funky black phone that we found that will ring when you walk by it.  If you are brave enough to pick up the receiver you’re rewarded with a super creepy voice on the other end saying something equally creepy to creep you out.  He seems to be very big on having you join him for a lovely constitutional to your own grave.

They are finally finishing up work our balcony this week so I’m removing the last of the junk off of it today.  Happy October!



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