Much ado about Mummy

After you purchase and take out your string of mummy lights you’ll be left with one lonely mummy connected to a button that’s attached to the cardboard box your lights came in.mummy lights box



We felt bad for him so we cut up the box, drew all over it, and gave him some friends to hang out with.
decorate and draw

Poke the zombie in the eye to illuminate the mummy.  Mummies love when you poke zombies in the eye since zombies are just wannabe mummies.
wife poking him in the eye

My wife demonstrates.

my turn
my turn

HAPPY HAUNTED HIDEAWAY place next to creepy comics
Hanging out with my Creepy comics until I can find a better place.  Might clean it up a bit more and put another pumpkin in there and maybe a black cat or something.


One response to “Much ado about Mummy

  1. Pretty neat; who knew there were even such things as “mummy lights”. Great for Halloween obviously.


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