Dragon Tentacles

Dragon Tentacles

Sketched this dragon weeks ago.  During the paint job I changed everything but the head. Probably should have stayed with my first instincts.  So much I would change.   Live, learn, and move on.   Very busy.  My family is coming to visit soon!




Drew a bunch of quick little dragons on tuesday and grabbed the most boring sketch and decided to see if I could save it during the paint job.  I like the result but it still doesn’t flip my switch.  Had fun with the colors at least.

Out of time.
Prepping for a busy weekend.

dragon sketch 1

Bad Apple

Bad Apple

The goal was to churn out a painting  or something every week but that hadn’t a prayer of happening with all the event work last week(thanks Joe!).  This actually worked out because I ended up scrapping the original almost completely and reworked the entire composition.  Can’t say I love where this ended up going but it’s way better than it was.  It was decent carnegie hall at least.

He’s Heating Up

Started this a couple of days ago as just a doodle that I did to keep my mind off the incredible heat in the apartment at the time but then I just kept on messing with it.


They finally turned on the AC in this apartment and it’s the best thing since Briced Slead.

Video of the doodling here.  If you’re curious.

Happy Free Comic Book Day 2015

Went to the heart doctor today.  Things look promising.
Not much time this week but I made a little time to quickly do this for
FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. DragonFreeComicBookDay

Fishing Buddy

Watched  a couple of great nature documentaries that were pretty bird heavy over the weekend.  Was probably thinking about them while I was doodling and got carried away.Fishing Buddy

Please no Flash Photography

Something from this week for a creature contest.  Will post more frequently.  Like once a week hopefully.


also throwing up a bunch of stuff at this site  http://ericmercadoart.tumblr.com/