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Comfort Zone Alien


Posting this because I just found it while organizing folders on my desktop.
Not sure when I finished this but I remember just trying to paint something non-challenging while doing it.  Hadn’t had too much time to paint anything for a long while.  I’m trying to fix that but really busy with school and getting super powerful colds. *cough* *sneeze*


Distractions 2: Electric Boogaloo



This was a lesson in not leaving open sketches sitting on my desktop.

lesson learned.

Welcome to Planet Nope.



This has been sitting unfinished on my sketchpad for months and I couldn’t ignore it any longer.   Dragged it back out and polished it up(colors, setting, lighting, some random space dude with a ray gun,etc..).  I’ve gotten to the point where I feel like I don’t need to play with it anymore.  Moving on.




Would I volunteer to give out comics to martians….probably not.

Done really quick because today is a super busy day and i wanted to sketch something for Free Comic Book Day!

Dental Plan!

Currently the nerves in my face and ears are constantly constantly sending itchy signals.  So I’m still not sleeping but people say that the itching probably means that they are healing normally so there’s that.

Needed a break while painting something for someone else and ended up playing with an old creature design and got a little carried away.  Meh.

Not again!

The pain has died down alot yesterday and today so I painted some nerd dealing with some touchy feely alien.  I guess this is kinda how I felt during my sickness except way more painful but not less slimy.