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Comfort Zone Alien


Posting this because I just found it while organizing folders on my desktop.
Not sure when I finished this but I remember just trying to paint something non-challenging while doing it.  Hadn’t had too much time to paint anything for a long while.  I’m trying to fix that but really busy with school and getting super powerful colds. *cough* *sneeze*



Artwork I finished/tired of looking at a while ago.  Some elephant creature I guess.  Couple of weeks ago I was doodling and something with a trunk and tusks appeared and I liked it enough to see the idea through.

Beneath the Cloak

Working on something else but posting this so I’ll stop messing with it.  This was supposed to be just a quick paint exercise to test out my injured hand but I kept on coming back to it this week.  Distracting.  My finger is doing a lot better but the nerves still do strange things sometimes.

Dragon Tentacles

Dragon Tentacles

Sketched this dragon weeks ago.  During the paint job I changed everything but the head. Probably should have stayed with my first instincts.  So much I would change.   Live, learn, and move on.   Very busy.  My family is coming to visit soon!

Bad Apple

Bad Apple

The goal was to churn out a painting  or something every week but that hadn’t a prayer of happening with all the event work last week(thanks Joe!).  This actually worked out because I ended up scrapping the original almost completely and reworked the entire composition.  Can’t say I love where this ended up going but it’s way better than it was.  It was decent carnegie hall at least.

Please no Flash Photography

Something from this week for a creature contest.  Will post more frequently.  Like once a week hopefully.


also throwing up a bunch of stuff at this site  http://ericmercadoart.tumblr.com/