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Comfort Zone Alien


Posting this because I just found it while organizing folders on my desktop.
Not sure when I finished this but I remember just trying to paint something non-challenging while doing it.  Hadn’t had too much time to paint anything for a long while.  I’m trying to fix that but really busy with school and getting super powerful colds. *cough* *sneeze*


Miss Whiskers saves the world

So this is inspired mostly from my weirdo cat, Domino.

Before I go to bed at night my cat likes to just sit on the bed and look out into the hallway and when she’s not on the bed she’s sitting in the hallway like she’s on guard duty for the night.  When I wake up in morning I notice stuffed animals that seem too heavy for her to move on her own are now in the hallway and kitchen.  Me and the wife put them away and always thank her for taking care of the bad guys while we sleep.

misswhiskerssaves the world sketch

The really early sketch .  I think I dig it better in it’s original form.  Learned a lot at least.

Distractions 2: Electric Boogaloo



This was a lesson in not leaving open sketches sitting on my desktop.

lesson learned.

Welcome to Planet Nope.



This has been sitting unfinished on my sketchpad for months and I couldn’t ignore it any longer.   Dragged it back out and polished it up(colors, setting, lighting, some random space dude with a ray gun,etc..).  I’ve gotten to the point where I feel like I don’t need to play with it anymore.  Moving on.

More Custom Sprites for Spelunky

Made a few more for custom characters and damsels and whatnot for Spelunky. Very new to game animations(and animation in general) but I’m digging it so far.

SPELUNKTOPUS- a character with too many tentacles(so annoying to animate)

AFRO LIGHTNING- had fun with his facial expressions and his bouncing afro

CAT DAMSEL- someone asked me to create a black cat to replace the male damsel


Flying Hotdog Knight

David asked me to paint a Knight flying on a big HotDog.  So strange.hotdogknightFINAL

Some Gourd Creature concept…thing..





creature conceptThis is pretty old but I haven’t posted something in forever so here’s something.  A quick paint practice on an old sketch..was going for something Autumn..ish I think.