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Speedy Octopus painting

Busy. Mexico, whales, cars, camping, dogs, miniatures, family …busy.

Recorded this paint practice today.  video is sped up but I think it took about an hour or two to paint.  Processing the video took longer than the painting.  Grumble grumble.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9bPc25dS_E



More Custom Sprites for Spelunky

Made a few more for custom characters and damsels and whatnot for Spelunky. Very new to game animations(and animation in general) but I’m digging it so far.

SPELUNKTOPUS- a character with too many tentacles(so annoying to animate)

AFRO LIGHTNING- had fun with his facial expressions and his bouncing afro

CAT DAMSEL- someone asked me to create a black cat to replace the male damsel