Comfort Zone Alien


Posting this because I just found it while organizing folders on my desktop.
Not sure when I finished this but I remember just trying to paint something non-challenging while doing it.  Hadn’t had too much time to paint anything for a long while.  I’m trying to fix that but really busy with school and getting super powerful colds. *cough* *sneeze*


evanfinal1bCover art done for the latest earsauce album.
So many great tunes in these albums.  You can hear them here.


Artwork I finished/tired of looking at a while ago.  Some elephant creature I guess.  Couple of weeks ago I was doodling and something with a trunk and tusks appeared and I liked it enough to see the idea through.

Beneath the Cloak

Working on something else but posting this so I’ll stop messing with it.  This was supposed to be just a quick paint exercise to test out my injured hand but I kept on coming back to it this week.  Distracting.  My finger is doing a lot better but the nerves still do strange things sometimes.

Worms With Guns.

A while back I was working with a company across the pond about creating box art for a future miniature wargame with worms acting like soldiers.   Been busy and injured so here’s post about how that went.


quick sketch of ideas.  client wanted to one or two soldiers with weapons.  worms should look similar to the product and overall composition should be similar to an old worms pc videogame


then some fast colors and added an explosion in the background.


Composition got the okay.  time to finalize.  also adding a bunch  of detail work.  belts, bullets, ranks, etc..

It was a very quick project.  I think it was all done in less than a week.  Wish I had more time with it but at least I got to paint some silly worms with guns.

Busy busy and I almost cut my finger off last Sunday so that’s not helping.  The scar will be appropriately Halloweeny at least.

Speedy Octopus painting

Busy. Mexico, whales, cars, camping, dogs, miniatures, family …busy.

Recorded this paint practice today.  video is sped up but I think it took about an hour or two to paint.  Processing the video took longer than the painting.  Grumble grumble.


A Welcome Change


Working on a few landscape paintings.  This one was started as an old tree sketch I’ve had in my sketchbook for a long time.  I finally gave him a home and a friend this week.

Dragon Tentacles

Dragon Tentacles

Sketched this dragon weeks ago.  During the paint job I changed everything but the head. Probably should have stayed with my first instincts.  So much I would change.   Live, learn, and move on.   Very busy.  My family is coming to visit soon!



Drew a bunch of quick little dragons on tuesday and grabbed the most boring sketch and decided to see if I could save it during the paint job.  I like the result but it still doesn’t flip my switch.  Had fun with the colors at least.

Out of time.
Prepping for a busy weekend.

dragon sketch 1

Bad Apple

Bad Apple

The goal was to churn out a painting  or something every week but that hadn’t a prayer of happening with all the event work last week(thanks Joe!).  This actually worked out because I ended up scrapping the original almost completely and reworked the entire composition.  Can’t say I love where this ended up going but it’s way better than it was.  It was decent carnegie hall at least.