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Comfort Zone Alien


Posting this because I just found it while organizing folders on my desktop.
Not sure when I finished this but I remember just trying to paint something non-challenging while doing it.  Hadn’t had too much time to paint anything for a long while.  I’m trying to fix that but really busy with school and getting super powerful colds. *cough* *sneeze*




Drew a bunch of quick little dragons on tuesday and grabbed the most boring sketch and decided to see if I could save it during the paint job.  I like the result but it still doesn’t flip my switch.  Had fun with the colors at least.

Out of time.
Prepping for a busy weekend.

dragon sketch 1

He’s Heating Up

Started this a couple of days ago as just a doodle that I did to keep my mind off the incredible heat in the apartment at the time but then I just kept on messing with it.


They finally turned on the AC in this apartment and it’s the best thing since Briced Slead.

Video of the doodling here.  If you’re curious.

Please no Flash Photography

Something from this week for a creature contest.  Will post more frequently.  Like once a week hopefully.


also throwing up a bunch of stuff at this site  http://ericmercadoart.tumblr.com/

In Technicolor

Some quick color and detail work.

Much ado about Mummy

After you purchase and take out your string of mummy lights you’ll be left with one lonely mummy connected to a button that’s attached to the cardboard box your lights came in.mummy lights box



We felt bad for him so we cut up the box, drew all over it, and gave him some friends to hang out with.
decorate and draw

Poke the zombie in the eye to illuminate the mummy.  Mummies love when you poke zombies in the eye since zombies are just wannabe mummies.
wife poking him in the eye

My wife demonstrates.

my turn
my turn

HAPPY HAUNTED HIDEAWAY place next to creepy comics
Hanging out with my Creepy comics until I can find a better place.  Might clean it up a bit more and put another pumpkin in there and maybe a black cat or something.

Miss Whiskers saves the world

So this is inspired mostly from my weirdo cat, Domino.

Before I go to bed at night my cat likes to just sit on the bed and look out into the hallway and when she’s not on the bed she’s sitting in the hallway like she’s on guard duty for the night.  When I wake up in morning I notice stuffed animals that seem too heavy for her to move on her own are now in the hallway and kitchen.  Me and the wife put them away and always thank her for taking care of the bad guys while we sleep.

misswhiskerssaves the world sketch

The really early sketch .  I think I dig it better in it’s original form.  Learned a lot at least.